Nexprt Promise: Decor with a difference

Nexprt does in-house design, product development and manufacturing for home decor clients, with the right blend of engineering, technology and artisanal brilliance.

Why choose us ?

High Quality Manufacturing

All our manufacturing set-ups follow best industry practices, SOPs, and processes, and are led by exceptional talent in manufacturing, mechanical and industrial engineering.

Professional Design Capabilities

Our in-house design team builds products and catalogs, refreshing our range every 6 months.

Superior Pricing

Efficient manufacturing processes, strong focus on value engineering and constant innovation allows us to unlock the best prices.

New-Gen Technology

3-D printing, CNC machining and laser cutting to assist and support traditional manufacturing processes.

Assortment of Products

1000+ SKUs across hard goods, natural fibers and more, with constant new development.

Digitised Supply Chain

100% visibility, simplified payment cycles, and more.