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Global value chains are changing, with great focus on finding alternative manufacturing destinations, developing efficiency in supply chain, and sourcing ethically.

Through this phase of global reconfiguration, India has a unique opportunity to become a global manufacturing hub. The rise of manufacturing and exports in South Asia & ASEAN over the past few decades have displayed the tremendous impact of manufacturing innovation, and shifting the share of global manufacturing. Coupled with the Indian Government’s drive to encourage manufacturing, and a clear demographic edge with a large young population, the Indian manufacturing ecosystem should be taking the world by storm. Indian manufacturing sector’s woes, however, are deep-rooted — with a fragmented MSME network fighting to stay competitive, and lack of innovation to stay ahead of global peers.

Nexprt’s aim is to disrupt traditional manufacturing practices, and setting up scale factories in India. Infusing process and technology into the industry, we operate manufacturing centers that create standardized, high-quality output, while re-defining industry norms for turn around time, and quality. With modularized manufacturing set-ups, our strength is in offering buyers with SKUs across raw materials, processes, and manufacturing clusters — allowing significant consolidation for importing partners.

With a dedicated R&D team, a large chunk of our clientele in the US, Europe and Middle-East Asia have moved business from China to India for the first time — with the offer of high quality, value engineered products that are “Made in India” is enough reason for them to establish new manufacturing hubs. And as Nexprt expands across product lines and industries — the lure of a manufacturing partner that can simplify buying, build scalable and digital factories, and lead on product and design innovation is bound to get stronger.

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